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What to do in Mendoza for free ...

Bodegas López

Well, if you arrive to Mendoza, is an obligatory stop to visit a winery. Here in Modoza, there a lot famous wineries in places like Maipú and Luján de Cuyo. In general tickets to visit wineries cost beteween $100 (U$D 6.25) and $150 (U$D 9.38). But, usually you will find others for free. The best option for free is Bodegas López. The good thing about this y that you have tours every hours, starting at 10 am till 5 pm but in english only 11:30 am and 3:30 pm. The guided tour starts with adocumental film about the history of Bodegas López and the process ofor making wine. The next part follows in the differents parts of the factory. Finally, you visit the bottling plant and finish in the cave where the guide serves wine for tasting. If you want to buy some wines, you will have a 15% discount. 

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Walking Tour

The walking tour stars in Pellegrini Square every day at 11 am and it takes about 1.30 hs. You will visit Independency Square, Italy Square, Spain Square, San Martin Square, Hipotecary Bank, Sarmiento pedestrian street until arrives to the top of Gomez building known as the Empire State of Mendoza. The panoramic is really amazing! In this tour, you will learn about why the squares and trees are so important. Important custums, some history and all over how this city was rebuilded since the eartquarke which destroyed in the end or century XIX.

Bike by the City

From Independecy Square you can rent a bike for free but just for an hour. It open every day at 10 am to 7 pm (Sundays it´s close. Sorry!). I  recommend you riding by bike from 2 pm to 5 pm. The reason? It´s easy! Everybody are taking a nap! Shhh! ... be quite! Another important thing is that you will need to present a copy of your passport and a ticket from your hostel /hotel. This procedure only takes a few minutes and is just for once. Thats all! Every time that you wanna rent a bike you only need to say your number of passport and PIN (a code of four numbers provided by you).

Cerro Arco

Well, if love nature just like me and you don´t wanna travel for a long time, this is The Place. If you travel by yourself you will need to get the Red Bus wich cost $18 (U$D 1.13). Then the trip it cost $8 (U$D 0.50) and it takes about 30 minutes. Cerro Arco is ideal to do trekking in a middle level. Ascending untill the top it takes between 1.30 houras ill 2 hours. Its important: comfortable shoes, clothes, sunglasses, sun cream. Are you ready? Great! Have fun and good luck untill the top. The view is amazing! And if are looking for adventure you can do paragliding but you will have to pay about $1700! (U$D 107).

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Todos los videos

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